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Outdoor Fitness Concepts (OFC) is the ONLY Company in the USA and Canada that is not bias to one specific brand.

The traditional manufacturers, dealers or distributors are usually committed to sell only one outdoor fitness brand and as such they are extremely bias to the hand that feeds them. OFC in the other hand is committed to you, the client, and after we finish our depth analysis of your upcoming outdoor project we sell you the product that best suit your project no matter what brand it is.

We truly hope that you mind the difference.

Although different outdoor fitness units may look the same and have similar functionalities not all outdoor fitness products are created equal. There are many variables, some un-know to the general public, and therefore outdoor fitness equipment is not a one product that fits all.

By bringing to the table more than 9 years of experience importing, exporting, designing, manufacturing and installing thoudands of outdoor fitness units across North America we help our clients to evaluate all the brands and match the best product for their specific project. OFC provide its clients with depth competitive analysis about product safety, durability, conceptual design, recommended layouts, warranty compliance all the way to installation methods and recommended protective surfacing.

Let OFC be your One Stop Shop for your outdoor fitness project and experience the ease of mind you deserve. 

Remember, not all outdoor fitness equipment are equal, now can you truly tell which one will be the best for your project?

Selling all brands but serving only one, you.
Not all outdoor fitness equipment are created equal.
Do you know which one will better suit your project?